About Zulu

Zulu Challenge is designed to be difficult but not impossible. It also promises to be a helluva good time. Remember pain is temporary, quitting is forever.

Zulu Challenge

A survival challenge you can tackle on your own or with your tribe.. this 5km trail with 21 obstacles promises to challenge your strength, durability, creativity and so much more. 30% of participants do not finish. Dare to accept our challenge?


Zulu challenge June 19 2021

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Zulu Kids

Canada's largest, and kids ONLY, obstacle course challenge. Ages 4-13yrs are eligible. Distances of 2, 4 and 6km with 15-20 obstacles. The level of difficulty increases with age categories. One parent is allowed to run alongside their kids but CANNOT assist.

This is their jungle.

These obstacles demand strength, durability, focus and not minding all the mud. Any obstacle they cannot do they can go around them. Medals are earned only if they cross the finish line. We do not have participation medals. Think your little one is game?


Zulu kids Grande P June 20 2021

Zulu kids Edmonton June 26 2021

Zulu kids Calgary/Airdrie July 3 2021

Zulu K9

Our K9 challenge requires every participant to have a dog. There is no age or breed restrictions. A mandatory harness and hands free leash for both you and your dogs safety is required. 5-10 km with up to 20 obstacles...human obstacles not dog obstacles.. strength, durability and creativity is required..a strong bond and trust between you and dog will be tested...are you up for a challenge?


Zulu K9 June 20 2021

Zulu K9 Calgary July 3 2021

Our Sponsors

Zulu Challenge would like to thank all the sponsors for their help and participation in events.